tyler (tylerlittle) wrote,

so yesterday when i was working i had to deliver to a will call which is someone you have to call in when they want me to pick up their clothes. i finally find the house after numerous times of driving around, turns out her humungous gold numbered adress is behind some tall bushes and pretty much all crooked, but anyway. i ring the doorbell cause it says to on my little direction sheet and she opens the door. "hey there fella"..."hi.."(kamakazi airplanes in the background). so she tells me to come on in and everything is strait from the 50's down to the television screen with an old world war movie with the sound so loud it was ear peircing. so i look back at her and she says my stuff is in my bedroom can you get it for me? im thinking to myself this is it im gonna die! so i walk really slowly noticing that the war movie is on in every room same volume. i arrive in her room and she tells me to get her entire bedspread and shove it in my bag so i do and start making my way out as quick as i could and she says to me in the creepiest way possible, "so whats your name". i say tyler and run to the door with her just standing there.

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